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In the early 2000s, scientists predicted that the world would become an uninhabitable place in 2100 due to global climate change. They started to search for alternative places in the universe where humans could live. They discovered that elsewhere outside the Milky Way Galaxy, a planet codenamed V77 had similar conditions to Earth. In 2049, 120 volunteers for colonization were selected from all over the world. In order to withstand the 3-year space journey and the radiation they will be exposed to, they were given training and medical supplements for two years. In 2051, the volunteers started the journey to the planet V77 with the New Paradise spacecraft. The mission was going smooth, but on the 613th day everything changed. New Paradise collided with a meteorite, resulting in severe mechanical failures. The spacecraft had to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet. The communication with Earth was lost.


This small planet named P10 was dry and dusty, with unimaginably high temperature and radiation. It hosted only few unicellular organisms due to the extreme conditions. After landing, no one dared set foot outside of the spacecraft for 3 days. Finally, a volunteer named Joseph decided to be the first one. When he got out, he suddenly breathed in the air that burned his lungs, but he didn’t give up and continued to explore a planet for a several hours. When Joseph returned, his colleagues did not recognize him: his skin color had changed, and the face had transformed into something completely different.

Joseph described the planet to his colleagues, and told that he discovered a water source. The volunteers divided in two groups: those who wanted to stay in the spacecraft and wait for the rescue, and those who didn’t have the slightest hope to be found. By voting, they made a decision to leave the spacecraft and go to the water source. 26 volunteers lost their lives on this journey.


In 25 years, the volunteers built a town they called Kifés, using the resources of their new home planet. Kifésians also managed to repair New Paradise, however the spacecraft couldn’t overcome long distances. Their population is now 99 with newborns. But they need more individuals to become stronger in their newly created world.


Due to the lack of resources, there have been attempts to settle on neighboring planets over the years, but they resulted in failure since Kifésians have encountered other unfriendly creatures there. Neither plants nor livestock brought from other planets could survive on P10. Therefore the only option left was to steal from others. This is how Kifésians, the space pirates of the universe, were born.



Language: Kifésian

Currency: Ethereum

Capital City: Kifés

Area: 621 km2

Leader: Joseph

Vice Leader: James

Management Type: Democracy

Religion: 30% Christianity

22% Muslim

8% Jewish

25% Atheism

15% Other

Population: 99 

GDP: Per Capita 4.56 ETH